May 7, 2009

pacific coffee

yesterday,,i saw the tv programme 畢打自己人
i found that promoting new products through the tv programme is very useful
this is one kind of strategy of below the line
its very different from tvc,, because tvc is promoting the products directly.
but that is not. you will only see the product or brand name stars in the programme.
why i said i think this method is useful.
because i saw the role using a coffee card in 畢打自己人
i was quite interested in it
and plus,, i always drink starbucks but never pacific coffe
so i go to search if there is this card or not in the their website
then i know more about their service 
thats what they want to have ,,i mean their objective.

Apr 30, 2009


uniqlo is very popular in this few years.
uniqlo is the brand that comes from japan.
few years ago,,very lack of people heard of this brand.
it is very fresh for us,,so uniqlo is in a informing stage in hong kong.
first of all,, uniqlo need to let the consumers know their positing,,image,,,,
and increase the awareness in hong kong fashion industry.
as we all know that uniqlo is very successful.
uniqlo build up its unique image and set the right positioning.
and most of the success is because of the designer,, kashiwa sato
he is the one designer that i like
this season,, we can always hear about ''ut''
ut = uniqlo tee
uniqlo has crossover with so many different artists and company.
uniqlo invite them to design the print tee for it.
and plus,, the whole campaign is packaged very well by kashiwa sato
uniqlo has good interior design,, good packaging,, good selling strategy,, good wed design

by kashiwa sato

this is another campaign that won a&ad
check it;)

 NIQLOCK It’s a fusion of dance video routines, time signal music and clock utility. It’s a 24/7 presentation of UNIQLO clothing. We named it UNIQLOCK. It automatically became a tool to connect UNIQLO and the world’s bloggers, as buzz builders. The bloggers were motivated by seeing the website’s world map which visualised the growth in the number of users. Screensavers and shop installations were also released to enhance the UNIQLOCK experience from personal desktops to the UNIQLO stores.

Creative Director Koichiro Tanaka 
Executive Creative Director Yoshiaki Nagasaki 
Interactive Designer Yukio Sato 
Interactive Designer Keiichi Tozaki 
Art Director Takayuki Sugihara 
Copywriter Koichiro Tanaka 
Director Yuichi Kodama 
Producer Takaharu Hatori 
Producer Hiroyuki Kojima 
Choreography Air:man 
Digital Agency 
Projector Advertising Agency 
Paragraph Marketing Manager Kentaro Katsube 
Sound Design Fantastic 

Apr 19, 2009

Power food for birds

Advertising Agency: Publicis Frankfurt, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Stephan Ganser
Creative Director Copy: Peter Kaim
Creative Director Art: Nico Juenger
Photographer: Johannes Krzeslack
Post Production: Peer Dabrowski/Zerone
Published: January 2009

Time to leave

Advertising Agency: Prohome, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tamas Csornai-Kovács
Art Director: Máté Pribelszky
Production: Sándor Ziemer-Wolf
Released: December 2008

fresh all winter

nice image;)